Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Indian Ruins

Within our neighborhood of Tonto Hills we have Indian ruins that date back 600 years. The couple that lives on this 6 acres have over 30 years restored and built back a lot of the walls of this once occupied village. We went over there the other day for a tour. Frank and Thelma are 88 and 89 years old and going strong. Alexa enjoyed looking at all their plants. When we were done Thelma invited us in for a glass of ice tea and cookies. Alexa had picked some seeds and pods from outside and had them in her hand when we went in. Thelma ( who was a little scary to Alexa) asked to see what Alexa had and Alexa said "First put your hands behind your back and I will show them to you" It cracked me up and I wasn't sure how Thelma was going to take that, but sure enough she put her hands behind her back and Alexa showed her.

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