Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Well, here we are at the Kroger Salon. Yes, a day at the salon it was not this afternoon. We were all excited and off we went. We had talked about the haircut for a week, what was going to happen, it would be fun, etc.. Well, Alexa fell asleep on the drive down and when she woke up she opened her eyes and said "it's gonna hurt". Yep, downhill from there. We went in and sat down and my hairdresser came out and Alexa started crying saying in the saddest voice ever, "I want to go home." Okay, let's just give it a try. So we go to her chair and she sits on my lap and here comes the cape...oh goodness, she hit that away, really started crying and we decided, nope, no haircut today. So off we went....with a few tips from my hairdresser on how to cut it myself at home. : )
We'll I've cut a few people's hair before but never a toddler who is moving her head every second. So I did the best I could, gave her some bangs and trimmed the back pretty good. I could not tell you at this point if it is even but it looked pretty cute.
The scary thing about this whole thing is school starts next Tuesday and I think we are in for some major drama if today is any indication....

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