Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I don't normally post pictures of myself but tonight I wanted to celebrate, and the happiness my face shows says it all. This evening after 10 years of teaching, before I decided to stay home with Alexa, I went to my first Parent Night at Alexa's school. No big deal for most moms but for me this was huge. For 10 years and mostly the last 5 I taught, every Open House, Spring Musical, Christmas Program and event that I participated in,I was on the other side. I always wanted to be watching my child be the Christmas angel, sing on stage and get excited about the first day of school. To sit tonight and be the "mom" instead of the teacher was very emotional for me. It was like "finally, now it's my turn". Big night for me and those who know me well can see it in my face!

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Julia said...

Congrats "Mom". It is a good feeling Huh