Friday, August 19, 2011

Looking back....Summer 2011

 The summer started off with my birthday.  I turned 43 this year which I am really okay with, really truly, I love aging. ; )  My forties thus far have been good.  I feel like I have come into my own and know myself a lot better now.  When I hit 45 though, I am officially going to have the breakdown.
 Next was dance recital weekend.  Alexa took Ballet and Jazz last year and had two performances. 
 I think her favorite part of it all is wearing makeup.
 My favorite photo of daddy and!
 We had a big first in June.....the lost tooth!  Very exciting stuff.  The Tooth Fairy came and left $3.00 and it even had her fairy glitter on it. 
 Look at the cute smile!!  Must bust out a ballet move to celebrate!
 This is what happens when the mama is not looking.  Daddy loves to take Alexa up the narrow winding road up to the top of the mountain.  She loves it!
 We did lots of swimming.  The summer started out with Alexa being a bit hesitant in the water.  I kept waiting for that "moment" when it just clicked and she gained her confidence and dove right in.  Well, it didn't happen until late July but boy is she a fish now....she will swim for HOURS nonstop!  We're so happy that it finally happened!

 This is what real life looks like around here.  When it's 112 degrees out and you've been up since 5 a.m and the clock only says 12:00 noon, you just want to lay your head down and take a nap.
 So, what do you do when you want to beat the summer heat?  Head up North about two hours and rent a boat on a cool lake.  We did this twice this summer and it was really fun. 

 Are we not two of the goofiest looking sailors you ever saw?  So cheesy!
 Alexa is a good fishergirl.  She can really cast but will not touch the bait.  I caught her talking to the worms in their little styrofoam cup and telling them that she would set them free.  That's my girl.  The next trip she just wanted to use rubber worms!  No bites though. ; (
 The girls liked to drive while Daddy fished.  It was all good until I ran us into some rocks and nearly broke the motor.  I lost my driving job after that . ; (
 Our last big outing of the summer was to head to Flagstaff ( hence the greenery!) and go to the Grand Canyon.  This was the one thing that Alexa really wanted to do this summer.  I have never been so was really excited too.   Alexa loves to run in the grass.  Because we live in the desert this is a rare opportunity.  Ever since she was just walking, if we would pass grass anywhere she would take off running in it.
 At the hotel pool.  This was where she discovered that she was a fish!
 Checking out the grounds.  The smell of the pine forest is so nice and we love the cooler air!  Please note how darn big my girl is getting...scary.
 Heading into Grand Canyon National Park.  I have to say it really blew me away.  It is enormous. Check out Alexa with the map.  She held on to that thing all day long.  It had pictures of the animals that live in the park and she was on the lookout.
 No sooner did we arrive when this buck literally came right up to Alexa.  Notice her identifying it on the map.  What a hoot!  It was really surreal and reminded me of those moving statue things at Disney.  It was a cool beginning to the day!
 It's very interesting at the Canyon.  At some lookouts they have these railings and others nothing, just off you could go.  Needless to say I had the "deathgrip" on Alexa every single moment!

 What a fun day of exploring and seeing an amazing wonder of the world!  We also went to the IMAX movie that National Geographic puts on at the visitor center.  It was really awesome!
 We caught this amazing storm out in the canyon.
Looking back it was a great summer.  We made some great family memories and hope to top them next summer!!!


Debbie said...

Best post evah!!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Sue, it looks like you had a WONDERFUL summer with your family!

Alexa is as cute as can be and you...... you make 45 look FABULOUS!

Enjoy your weekend.....thanks so much for stopping by this week. I have been absolutely horrible about visiting blogs since we have come home from China. With 3, I don't have as much free time to be on the computer.



Hannah said...

First of all...You can NOT be 45! I am 39 and you look WAY younger than me. You stink. :)

It looks like you had a great summer. Crazy hot but fun!

Sue said...

I am 43..not 45. Sorry that type is hard to read, might have to change it. ; )

Suzanne said...

Hey Sue! Your daughter is so precious! Love the photos in your header. I found you through MBC and I'm off to follow you on Pinterest. That's my newest addiction! ;)

Georgea's Mommy said...

I love your amazing summer!! The dance recital- yikes where did your BABY go? The trips up north look so wonderful, but honestly the nap outside on your beautiful patio is one of my favorite shots. We are so blessed to live in this gorgeous desert & your back yard is one of my favorite places! I love you girls!

M3 said...

Awesome summer wrapup. You guys sure did have fun!

Casey said...

Looks like a fantastic summer!!! Summer went too too quickly though!!

Love all the pictures!!

Veronica Lee said...

What a wonderful summer! Love the pics!

Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog!
Have a nice day!