Friday, March 4, 2011

Picture Day

Today was picture day at school.  I cannot even believe how old Alexa looks in these photos.  She is my blossoming flower.  Sometimes I look into the future and try to imagine what she will be like when she is 9, 12, 15, etc..  She is just an amazing kid and I love spending every minute with her.  I hope we will always cuddle, pinky swear, share secrets, and hold hands as we get older.  She is my lovebug, partner in crime and right-hand girl!


Debbie said...

Oh my....she is so elegant! I can't believe I'm saying that a 6 year old is that, but she is Sue. I know you will ALWAYS have that special closeness with Alexa. Dx

Georgea's Mommy said...

Grown up, beautiful girl. :-)

Hannah said...

She is SO beautiful. I can't get over how mature and graceful she looks :)