Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fall Musical

Here are some photos of today.  Alexa had a little Thanksgiving musical at school.  She did not want to wear her Thanksgiving dress and chose this one which we have gotten tons of wear out of.  I'll take some photos tomorrow of her in her smocked dress.  I have realized that if I wait to edit my photos, they will never get on the blog so here they are unedited.  Alexa wanted her hair to be down today and curled like the girls on "Dancing with the Stars".  I'm not used to even seeing her much with her hair down.  Almost every single day it is up in some style and off her face. She insists on keeping her long hair which is fine with me as long as it is not hanging in her face all the time.  We are looking forward to tomorrow. We have so much to be thankful for!


Courtney said...

Beautiful pictures. Happy Thanksgiving!

Debbie said...

Yayyy!!! Photos!! Am loving these Sue, espescially the second photo and the one where she is hugging you tight and her eyes are closed! Cant wait until I get one of those hugs from my wee one. And Im really impressed with her hair...clever mummy! Dont dare cut it, its gorgeous. You made my day posting these...Thanks! Have a wonderful time with your family, I will be thinking of you all..Dx

Kate said...

Sue...these are lovely. I especially love the first photo...the light and the colors are beautiful. But really, your girl can't take a bad photo...she must get that from you! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!