Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Halloween Honey!

Oh, how I love my little honey!  We are gearing up for Halloween around here, decorating pumpkins, wearing festive outfits, and lining up our weekend activities.  First we'll have a Pumpkin Fest at school with games and Trunk or Treat, then it's into town the next day for some good ole' Western Ghoulish fun, then off to Trick or Treat on the big day.  This will be Alexa's first time Trick or Treating at night as we have always had our neighborhood/Fire dept. party on Halloween. She is really excited for all the fun!!  We are too!


Debbie said...

What fun you will all have! I think Halloween is a bigger event in US than the UK. Having said that, this is our first year as parents to our 10 month old adopted daughter and it will be wonderful to dress Gracie up and take her to our neighbourhood party! It always comes across in your post how much you love being a Mummy...Im 100% with you on that! When you have had to struggle to get something, it means so much more to you. Debbie from Scotland

Hannah said...

What a cutie!! LOVE the pictures :)

Casey said...