Friday, July 23, 2010

~~The Farm Part 1~~

Come on in....

Alexa and I recently spent 10 days at my parent's farm in Western Illinois. I am originally from the suburbs of Chicago. I lived there for 27 years, then finally got fed up with the gray skies and headed West for wide open spaces and sunshine. I love living in AZ but will always be a Midwestern girl from Chicago. I love going home once a year, it's all about comfort and seeing Alexa experience a slice of some good old Midwest summer fun!

Here's Skokie the gate keeper. She is super sweet but hates having her photo taken which is a shame because she is really photogenic.

The first day started with boomerang fun in the field out back. Alexa spotted my dad's boomerang and had to try it out. They did not have much success but had fun trying.

Alexa loved hanging around the front gate and it's the perfect place for photos. Here she is in this year's favorite summer dress.

This is looking out back to the neighbor's soybean fields. It really is so beautiful there. Coming from Arizona's high desert we crave the greenery and lushness of it all.

So many places to explore or just steal a quiet moment away.


Kate said...

I love these photos so much! I am actually at my parents home right now with Lia...smack dab in the middle of farmland...and it will always be home to me! makes me teary to see Alexa in this setting thinking about where she came from...and those what ifs that seem to still pop in my mind from time to time...just beatiful!!

Georgea's Mommy said...

LOVE these photos Sue. Really awesome!! There's something really wonderful about going "home", isn't there?! Glad you guys had such a nice visit.


Hannah said...

That gate is awesome! I'd spend all day right there.

There is just something about summer in the country. It just feels like childhood to me :)