Sunday, June 6, 2010

Dance Recital 2010

Dress rehearsal day. Alexa's class is a ballet/tap combo. The girls did a tap number to Stray Cats. She loved getting to wear makeup and dressing up.

The recital was two days ( hence my different outfits). We were not allowed to video tape or take photos of the actual recital so that is why I have none. : (

They have a professional videographer and photographer who charge outrageous prices and have us all at their mercy. Lots of parents are not happy about this policy.

After the show on Saturday. I was feeling so crummy but had to suck it up and rally. There was no way I was going to spoil Alexa's big day or miss it.

She did really well. I think she enjoys being onstage but did tell us she had a little stage fright.

With her dancer friends, Amalia and Sydney. They have been dancing together for two years and it makes it more fun when you are with your friends. It's been fun for us moms too! Lots of laughs on all those Saturday mornings while the girls are in class.

The outfit was really cute!

So proud of our girl!


Afterwards we went for frozen yogurt to celebrate!


Missy said...

Adorable pics!!! I am so glad Alexa did so well and had so much fun! We have recital in two weeks and it is a marathon three days. I am exhausted just thinking about it...and yes, it is so much fun for ALL involved!

Alexa is suuuuch a beauty!

Jeanneoli said...

oh my goodness..your daughter is so cute. I wish my daughter still took dance:-(

Hannah said...

Adorable!! She has the cutest costume! I love it.

You look really adorable too...Cute Mom alert!!

Casey said...

She looks so adorable!!!

I think that is terrible to make you buy from the professional!! I hate those kinds of policies.

I hope you are feeling better too.

Kristi said...

It was dance recital time yesterday for us. M&K LOVE being on stage. I think we're in trouble.

Your pictures are just darling.