Saturday, May 22, 2010

Preschool was cool!

On the last day of school the kids get awards for their accomplishments and successes over the year. Alexa won 3, Math Whiz, an Artist award and one for Reading. She had a good year and we were pleased with how much she learned, especially how well she can read. She is in a Montessori school which we love, but the kids are encouraged to learn at their own pace, our little social butterfly apparently spent most of the year socializing and not applying herself to the best of her personal abilities. Our hopes and goals for next year in Kindergarten is for her to find her "focus" and apply herself more. She is extremely curious and capable and we are hoping next year she "hits the books" and gets down to business! I love her enthusiasm and energy but at some point she will have to learn to use these attributes to foster her love of learning instead of impeding it.

Here she is with her BFF at the Mad Hatters Mother's Day breakfast. These two cuties together are a bundle of energy and fun!

Here she is performing at the school talent show. She performed a Fairy/ribbon dance that she choreographed. She was really something to watch. Her joy really shines from her smile.


Georgea's Mommy said...

I was a social butterfly too & it all came together for me. No doubt your bright little beauty will do the same. :-) I do love her zest for life...she lights up the room!!


Jboo said...

Her joy DOES shine through! What a sweetie-pie!