Saturday, April 24, 2010


Last week we spent a wonderful week on Kauai. About a year ago our friends, asked us if we would like to join them in Hawaii this April. I have always wanted to take Alexa there as I had spent quite a bit of time there myself as a child and I was excited about showing her island life. Coincidentally, the week feel right on our 10 year wedding anniversary and we actually eloped in Kauai so it was all a perfect scenario. We spent the first 5 days in Poipu at the Marriott with our friends, then moved on to Hanalei Bay to stay the last 2 nights. We had a wonderful time with lots of amazing memories!

On the beach with cutie Georgea, her daddy and Alexa building sandcastles.

On our way out to dinner. We shared lots of laughs, good food and lots of ice cream!

We took Alexa to a fabulous Luau. We took a train ride around the plantation, learned lots about Kauai's history, fed some wild pigs, then returned for a fabulous traditional Luau show and a great Hawaiian feast.

Pineapple grove

Alexa LOVED the beach. This was a great little cove that was protected so the kids could go in the water by themselves and play. Alexa sort of tried snorkeling ( got the mask on, waded out, then said, "nope" and back she came). She spent lots of time in the water and made some local friends at the beach.

With Georgea hanging out in the morning. Love the matching pjs

Our island princess. She loved wearing the leis and was mesmerized by all the beautiful flowers

The girls before a night out.

Love this photo. It was so cute seeing the girls together. Alexa enjoyed being a "big sis" to Georgea and Georgea loved following Alexa around and "checking her out.

View from our condo in Hanalei. It was absolutely amazing. No televisions, radios or computers. Just the sound of the ocean. I could have stayed there for a long time!

Alexa and I spent a lot of time exploring and finding coral, shells and even a coconut, which the Chief actually opened for us.

Got to get some pool time in!

We took Alexa to the beach where we were married on. It was a really special morning. We spent time writing in the sand, taking photos and reminiscing. We even all held hands and reaffirmed our vows to each other as a family this time. It was really neat!

The Chief and his princess.

Just about the exact spot we stood ten years ago and promised our love to each other. It was a great trip with many wonderful family memories to last a lifetime. We loved spending time with our friends and look forward to more memories with them too. We love Hawaii as it holds so many special lifetime memories for both of us. I love now that Alexa can share that too.


HubeiMama said...

I LOVE the pictures - especially the one of Alexa on the beach you guys got married on AND the one of her and her Daddy.


debbie said...

its looks like paradise! and Alexa looks so beautifully exotic...I can imagine how emotional you would have felt standing on that beach with your much loved daughter...

Courtney said...

Beautiful photos. What a wonderful place to visit. It looks like Alexa had a wonderful time exploring the island.

Kate said...

Fabulous photos to remember a wonderful vacation! Congratulations of your anniversary!

Hannah said...

What a wonderful family vacation!! I love the pictures, they are great.
Glad you guys are having a blast :)

Jboo said...

Wow -- what a wonderful trip and how sweet that it was your 10th anniversary! Best wishes for many many more happy years together!


Georgea's Mommy said...

These are such great memories! We loved having this time with you guys. My favorite photo is the one w Alexa on the beach in Hanalei, where she is crouched down & has the white bow in her hair. I LOVE that photo. She is so beautiful and we love watching her grow up.


Casey said...

Oh! That looks SOOO nice. Beautiful pictures! And the girls look adorable.

Christie said...

I must be feeling really emotional - because I gotta tell ya, when you wrote that you all three went to the spot you were married and re-affirmed your love for each other...and promised to be together...oh, I started the waterworks.

I love hearing that families are committed to lasting and loving, no matter what.

Thanks for sharing all those gorgeous pictures - what a wonderful treat the trip was for your family.