Thursday, October 8, 2009

Editing help needed!

Me and my camera are friends again..we've been estranged for some time. With most things I enjoy I go through phases and only seem to concentrate on one thing at a time. Lately it's been sewing and exercise so photography has taken a back seat. This morning I took some really great photos of Alexa but when I was editing ( I just use Picnik, nothing fancy) I noticed that she had those darn tattoos on her arm. I hate those things! I had tried twice to scrub those darn things off and just forgot about them this morning when we ran outside to take a few shots before school.
Two questions: How do you get those darn things off her skin? and How do you edit it off the photos? I tried the "blemish" feature and "airbrush" feature and neither worked.
Any suggestions out there? A couple of the photos are Christmas card worthy but not with a dolphin tattoo and Barbie on her arm!! : (


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Hi Sue,

I would be happy to help you with your photo fix. It can probably be fixed in Photoshop. If you want me to try to clean it up for you, email me the original photo, not the one that was edited using picnik.

SO glad you and your camera are getting to know each other again.....the pics are adorable.

BTW, here is my email address. lisamuth at hotmail dot com.


Jboo said...

Beautiful photos! Glad Lisa can help as I have no idea! I need to take a photoshop class someday.


Missy said...

I would also gladly be able to help you if you email me the original.

I use photoshop to edit.

Jennifer said...

I have photoshop Sue but I still don't know how to use it. I hope to learn someday!

Cute pictures! I hate those darn tatoos too. They take days to come off!


Tonya and Casey said...

I don't have any editing advice but I love the pictures!! She's such a doll!

Julia said...

I have no editing advise, but cooking oil does the tattoo thing. We also will use skin so soft. My sister used alcohol. The rubbing kind LOL


Felicia said...

I think your photos are Alexa looks as sweet as ever!

Georgea's Mommy said...

Love the do in these photos! Takes me back to when we first met you all & her hair was pulled up on both sides like this all the time. SO darling.