Thursday, February 26, 2009

MIA in Blogland

I feel like I have been missing in action here lately. I switched from my laptop that I was using to a new PC and all of my photos are still on that, I'm trying to figure out this one, set up my external drive, and basically get a handle on it. I hate change and everything about this switch is making me crazy not having it organized.
Life here in the Wild West has been a little less busy and that is a good thing. The beginning of the month was crazy and the past week has been laid back and it is just what we needed. Our weather has been sunny and warm and we've been outside most of the time soaking up the AZ sun.
Last Saturday we went to our FCC CNY festival. It was really fun but Alexa really was in a bit of a funk. She still gets a little overwhelmed at these events. She told me that " she doesn't like being around all those girls". She can be shy at times so it took her awhile to loosen up.
Yesterday we had her first conference with her teacher and she is doing really well. The funniest thing was that Ms. Renee said that she is "a bit too social" and doesn't complete her tasks because she it socializing. Hmm, imagine that! I was constantly in trouble during school for talking which is odd because I am really not much of a talker now. Alexa has always been super social and when we go to school most days parents and kids I don't even know are saying, "Hi Alexa!" She seems to know everyone...too funny. Ms. Renee also said that she enjoys spending time with the older kids, specifically the Kindergarten boys. Oh yes, just what we want! ; ( She also said she was a good listener ( which sort of surprised us) and that they loved having her in class.
To all you readers out there, I just finished China Ghosts by Jeff Gammage. If you haven't already read it, it is really good. : )


Jboo said...

Sounds like you all have been busy!! Alexa's report from her teachers is so sweet -- you've got a little social butterfly on your hands, don't you!

Wish I was enjoying some Arizona warmth and sun! Have a great weekend.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

It is good to hear from you...I had wondered where you have been:)

Sounds like Alexa is doing really well at her new school and has had no problems making friends.

I am glad you are enjoying the warmth and has been really ugly up here:(

Have a good weekend!


Jennifer said...

Alexa sounds like me in 3rd grade. My teacher told my Mother the same thing. I socialized too much.

Soaking up the sun sounds wonderful. It has been freeing here!!!!!

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