Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ballet Class

First let me say that "Oh my little baby is growing up way too fast! It's killing me!Okay, about ballet class. Alexa was very excited to go and she looked beautiful. The girl really knows how to work a camera..scary. So we got to class, in she went and you are not allowed to see in the room so I had no idea what was happening but it sounded like they were all having a great time. Then class ends and out they come and Alexa says " I'm not going in there again." Oh no! What could have happened? So on the drive home after a bit of prodding she says to me, "Mom, Ms. Brienna was teaching us so many new things and I was terrible at all of them." Oh, break my heart. So I tell her how nobody knows what they are doing the first day of any class and each time it will get easier and more fun. I tried to tell her about when I took sewing class and was overwhelmed and unsure I could do it and that in the end it all worked out etc.. So she says, " Mom, I'm just waiting to get home." So I am going to chalk this up to a couple of things. One, I'm not sure her expectations of what dance class would be like really was what she ended up experiencing. Second, she had a long day of swim lessons as well as this class and was really tired. Third, I think she is finally in two activities were what is asked of her is not optional and she is having to deal with some control issues. She is very independent and often feels as if she has a choice about most things and these are two things(swim and dance) where she is having to really push herself. I think it will be a tough but good summer for her to stretch herself and learn some things about herself. I am proud of her for not quiting(she rarely gives up on anything). During swim lessons today she was ticked off because Coach Laura "let" her go under the water. She was not happy and let us know it. She finished the lesson though in tears but did not quit. She is a trooper. It will be interesting to see how she feels next week about going to dance. I hope she gives it her best shot and likes it.

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