Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Cozy Days

Well, we have finally had some winter weather here. It has been cold and rainy but we like it. ; ) Alexa got bundled up to do some "yardwork" outside. She loves to be outside regardless of the temperature. Notice the big python in the second photo. This is Robert's idea of a fun appropriate toy for a 2.5 year old girl. Funny thing is she loves it...
Alexa made this gingerbread house today. She made part of it with my mom who was over and finished the rest after nap. She did a great job! She was too worn out from all the work to get in the photo. She has her school Christmas program on Sunday and can sing all the words to Jingle Bells so we are ready for a rockin' show. She has informed me she would like to bring her own microphone to the show so I guess we need not worry about her being shy and on stage..we'll see. : )

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