Saturday, October 27, 2007


Tonight we carved our pumpkins. Alexa didn't like to stick her hand in her pumpkin much to dig out the seeds. I did catch her a few times trying to taste the pumpkins seeds. She said she wanted to plant one outside tomorrow. We went out on the patio and lit them up afterwards and Alexa really liked that.
We talked tonight about Halloween and how some people like to be scared a little on this night and she told me "Mom, scary is not fun." I told her she might see some kids( and adults) dressed up a little scary on Wednesday so she would be prepared. I asked her what she wants her Papa to be for Halloween and she said very matter of factly " a pumpkin". Then she thought about it a minute and said, " he better not come as a scary witch". I told her I couldn't make any promises. : )

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